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Buy Yacht Tickets (Including Presale Tickets) On-site

  1. Hongmaogang Cultural Park
    Same-day and presale tickets for the following month for the Cruise along Hongmaogang, Hongmaogang – Pier-2, and Hongmaogang – British Consulate are available at the ferry station.
    Hongmaogang Cultural Park:No. 2808, Nansing Rd., Siaogang District, Kaohsiung City
    Ferry Station: +886-7-8711617
  2. Pier-2 Art Center
    Same-day and presale tickets for the following month for Kaohsiung Golden Triangle at Shore, Pier-2 – Hongmaogang, Pier-2 – British Consulate, Cruise along Pier-2 and Swinhoe's Adventure (note 1) are available at the box office at Pier-2 Shaochuantou.
    Pier-2 Shaochuantou Office: No. 1, Dayong Rd., Yancheng District, Kaohsiung City
    Pier-2 Shaochuantou Office: +886-7-5219306
  3. British Consulate at Takao
    Same-day and presale tickets for the following month for Swinhoe's Adventure, British Consulate – Hongmaogang, and British Consulate – Pier-2 are available at the box office at the hill foot of the British Consulate.
    Box Office at the Hill Foot:No. 7, Shaochuan St., Gushan District, Kaohsiung City
    Box Office at the Hill Foot: +886-7-5213403

    Note1: Buyers of the tickets for Swinhoe's Adventure should board and alight at the British Consulate. The Pier-2 box office sells only presale tickets but not same-day tickets. Please purchase same-day tickets for Swinhoe's Adventure at the box office at the hill foot of the British Consulate.
  4. For groups of 20 members or more or requiring presale tickets or charter service, please contact Mr. Wang at +886-7-2288846.

Blink or Other Online Group Buying Sites

We provide limited quantities of discount tickets on group buying sites from time to time. Buyers can buy limited presale discount tickets not subject to specific dates and schedules on group buying sites, a new platform of online ticketing. Yacht tickets sold on group buying sites are cheaper than those sold at on-site box offices. However, buyers need to show receipts of group buying sites in exchange for yacht tickets on-site to be able to board the yachts with vacant seats.Discount tickets will be available from time to time on the following sites.



IBON Ticketing

If you have planned your trip and decided on the date and schedule, in addition to buying presale tickets on-site, you can also go to any 7-11 and buy your yacht ticket with designated date and schedule through the IBON kiosk. Tickets for the Kaohsiung Golden Triangle at Shore, Swinehoe's Adventure and Pier-2 – Hongmaogang are now available on IBON.

IBON operating instructions PDF fileIIBON refund application (pdf file)IBON refund application (doc file)

Passengers should take the yachts based on the dates and schedules designated on their tickets, or the tickets will be regarded as invalid. Cancelling and changing of tickets need to be completed 20 minutes prior to the departure time of the first sailing of day at designated boarding spots. The phone numbers of all box offices are as follows:

Ferry Station at the Hongmaogang Cultural Park:

Pier-2 C5 Box Office:

Box Office at the Hill Foot:

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